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Amelie 2016 Taiwan Tour

畢業於洗足学園音楽大学,3歲學鋼琴、7歲寫歌、15歲開始學習古典聲樂的日本詞曲創作人 Amelie 現居日本東京,主要在各處的 live house 與酒吧演唱自己的作品與 cover 曲。除了現場演出外,在 Periscope 上擁有高人氣的 Amelie 也常使用直播軟體發表新曲與演唱。

Amelie born 17 July is a Japanese singer,and songwriter. Started song writing from age 7. Studied classical piano from age 3 and classical vocal from age 15. Graduated the 洗足学園音楽大学-Senzoku Gakuen collage of music in Japan. And now Amelie lives in Tokyo,Japan. Singing at the bar and the restaurant in Tokyo and on the live streaming.

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Tour Schedule

7/14 小地方 wt/ 謝孟庭 / 88顆芭樂籽 / 東尼大木
ticket: 400(預售350)
open: 19:00

7/16 Rolling Café one man
ticket: 低消入場
show: 18:00~18:50

7/19 高雄畫堤 wt/ 東尼大木
ticket: 350
open: 19:00

7/20 Madker Bar wt/ 東尼大木
ticket: 400
open: 19:00


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